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Axel Hoedt - More from the series Once a Year (published 2013)

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Diane Guerrero, Dascha Polanco, Laura Gomez & Jackie Cruz for Cosmopolitan Latinas (Summer 2014)

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"The idea of the humourless feminist is an incredibly potent and effective silencer. It is used to isolate and alienate young girls; to ridicule and dismiss older women, to force women in the workplace to ‘join in the joke’ and, in the media, to castigate protest to the point of obliteration."

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Placebo Effect — From a Spiritual Perspective 



On a recent 60 Minutes segment, Lesley Stahl interviewed Harvard scientist Irving Kirsch, who says the drugs used to treat depression are effective, but for many, it’s not the active ingredient that’s making people feel better. It’s the placebo effect.


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Nonviolent Communication can hurt people 




People who struggle interpersonally, who seem unhappy, or who get into a lot of conflicts are often advised to adopt the approach of Nonviolent Communication.

This is often not a good idea. Nonviolent Communication is an…

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Ernesto Cristiani (Uruguay, 1928 - 1989)
FIGURAS 20, 1965


Ernesto Cristiani (Uruguay, 1928 - 1989)

FIGURAS 20, 1965

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